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iphone-latest-048 ... Thankfully we didn’t panic. We got dressed in our toasty coats and headed for the door. We knew exactly where we were going. The Hofbrauhaus!

It was there hat we had our His & Her beer (I made that up because mine was small and his was big).  I ordered a scrummy noodle dish. Brad ordered a pork schnitzel type of meal, and we shared a pretzel… because it would be wrong not too.  (There is a gift shop, where you can purchase some souvenir HB mugs to take home with you… I opted for coasters & a couple of the cute menus, free & not as heavy to tote around.)

Once we paid for our meal, we headed back to the streets of Munich and wandered without aim. We just wanted to see what we could find, and we found a small treasure. A wonderfully scented Christmas tree lot on a beautiful cobble stone street outside a historical building. It appeared to be a Pantheon, but I’m not 100% sure. I have no idea were we were.

Evenings start very early there. It’s dark by 17:30, which is something that I struggled with. I had the tendency to lay down & not want to get back up. It made Brad crazy. It was just so dark and so cold. I don’t like the cold. haha. That evening we did the usual, we wandered the city, and we discovered various other markets which was exciting. One of which was more of a renassaince style market. They offered slow cooked meats, mulled wines (Brad tried it & regretted it), and fun toys for the kids. …or my case, my husband to jab me with.

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September 13, 2018 — natalie rathman