Aura Vintage Berber Rug


This beautiful handwoven, one of a kind berber Boujad rug was handcrafted in Morocco using natural fibers and natural dyes.

This item is vintage, and does show beautiful signs of wear, such as colors that have faded beautifully. The varying colors include shades of sherbert orange, sea foam, coal, and chocolate brown.

  • This is a vintage item
  • Handcrafted in Morocco. 
  • Made of Wool
  • 4.8' x 9.2' approximately
  • Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs made using natural wool fibers and vegetable dyes. Newly woven rugs will show strong vibrant colors, typically reds oranges, pinks and/or purples. Whereas, vintage rugs may have lovely washed pastel tones.
  • Each rug is uniquely crafted by the women in a small region of Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. Each rug tells a different story with the use of traditional Berber designs & motifs.
  • Care: Because of the delicate nature of this one of a kind piece, we recommend spot cleaning only. Do not use bleach.  It prefers to be shaken rather than Vacuumed. 
  • Any discolorations or imperfections with this item are due to the unique antique nature of the materials used, and cannot be seen as damages


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